Friday, March 13, 2009

Old People

Hi again,

Here is some old people that I drew while looking at Google image, it's a great way to learn how to characterize people. This was the first time I used Corel Painter. Since I only have the trial version for now, I will most likely continue to use Corel Painter for my next few posts. (Just too see if I want to buy it or not)

so far I really enjoy it!


  1. HI trevor!!! I miss and love you!

    I like the way you work, google image and youtube and such. very inspired.

  2. I love the set of chompers on the guy in the first picture. Awesome.

    What brushes were you using on these, chalk?

  3. Trevor! Puckered-eyed-big-nose in the second image is my favorite. I'm playin' around with my characters from 3rd year, they'll be up soon. I'd love to get some crits from you. Again, great stuff.

  4. nice caricatures nice exploration of shapes