Friday, April 16, 2010


These first couple of Scribbles were done from watching T.V. I wanted to focus on the simple shapes of the head...also any other features that I noticed first on the character I tried to exaggerate. Oddly enough I usually noticed things like chins, noses, and ears.

This was one of my better Scribbles that I got done while I was at the zoo, not that great.
And here is one of my better Scribbles that I finished at the Airport, I've noticed that most of the more interesting drawings are from people that I see for a short moment like a couple of seconds. Usually you can tell right away if you want to draw someone.

Friday, April 2, 2010


So here is a piece of animation that I did at Animation Mentor, I would like to touch up a couple of things but it's close enough to post I think. The only thing with learning maya is that you start to develop new ways of doing things so fast that by the time you are done a shot you would have animated it differently. I hope the next few months I can pump out some more Animation at a better quality.

The sketch is something I did to remind myself of who the character is, I'm no good at modeling, lighting or textures. (frankly I don't give a crap, I just want to animate) The sketches keeps me from animating Bishop (the rig) as a character. Instead I try to give a character to the rig, in this case an old man named Hank.

More football

Ok.... it has been way too long since I posted! I've just been sucked into my animation for the past Year, and now I can post a few things that I've been working on. Not as much drawing as I would have liked but that's about to change, I've just graduated from Animation Mentor!!!
I will start posting some animations when they are closer to final polish, I'm just doing some touch ups.

These are some Motion studies I did from photos and youtube vids.