Friday, April 16, 2010


These first couple of Scribbles were done from watching T.V. I wanted to focus on the simple shapes of the head...also any other features that I noticed first on the character I tried to exaggerate. Oddly enough I usually noticed things like chins, noses, and ears.

This was one of my better Scribbles that I got done while I was at the zoo, not that great.
And here is one of my better Scribbles that I finished at the Airport, I've noticed that most of the more interesting drawings are from people that I see for a short moment like a couple of seconds. Usually you can tell right away if you want to draw someone.


  1. These are wicked! the chick at the bottom is really nice , I tried doing really short studies like this at the mall the other day man its not easy :P the bird thats going to scratch his face has good balance !

    nehooo good stuff as always!

  2. "not that great"? pftt, no those birds will do quite WELL. You're a talented man Trevor.

  3. I thought I would post a comment. Your style is really good. I love it. I am going to school to be an animator right now. I just started. When I found your work it made me want to be better. I was born in 1985. So your a year older than me. I think it's amazing to see what people are capable of so I am gonna follow you even though I don't really keep up with blogger.

  4. Wicked blog here! Those Foosball players are awesome! I really would have liked to have seen that animation in the character you designed, but it was impressive as is. I'm just so sick of that model! Anyway, happy to find you!

  5. Great works! I´m really enjoying your drawings, especially the football players. Awesome poses.

    Hungry for more... :D